Vienna Stories: Filming Identities & Voices

Vienna Stories: Filming Identities & Voices

Professor Irene Motyl-Mudretzkyj
Wednesdays, 4:10-6:00pm
With an integrated study-abroad week in Vienna

In this advanced German-language course you will explore film, podcasts and digital technology as tools for analyzing culture, language and identity. A key part of this course is an in-person, on-site study abroad week in Vienna, one of the most diverse cities in Europe. You will expand your digital technology skills to gather ethnographic material and produce a short German-language documentary film on identity, the notion of homeland, and stereotypes. Live encounters with native Viennese as well as recent migrants in formal and informal settings and a field-study project will serve as the main sources for the video. Students will edit their film material after the study abroad experience and present the final video in class.

Prerequisites: Completion of Intermediate German II (UN2102) and EITHER successful completion of Advanced German II (UN3002): Vienna now and then OR simultaneous enrollment in UN3002 during the spring semester.

Applications: To be accepted into this course, students must be interviewed by Prof. Motyl-Mudretzkyj. Please enroll in the course asap and you will be contacted about a time for the interview.

Scholarships for study abroad: Students may apply for a limited number of stipends. Application forms will be available.

For more information, please contact: Prof. Irene Motyl-Mudretzkyj,