The Department of German fully endorses and strongly contributes to the internationalization of the educational experience offered to undergraduate students at Barnard College. German has always been one of the main European Languages taught at Barnard College, and the Department of German offers a variety of courses, from the elementary to the advanced level, to guide students in becoming versatile writers, competent interpreters, and confident speakers of the language. Through its course offerings, the Department of German provides students with a solid grounding, appropriate to their particular needs, in the various skills necessary to speak, read, write and understand the German language; it introduces students to the literatures, histories, and cultures of Germanophone countries or communities in a European and global context.


German Placement Exam - Fall 2019
Friday, August 30th
Barnard College - 328 Milbank Hall

Department of German
320 Milbank Hall
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
(P) 212-854-8312
Department Assistant: Sondra Phifer

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