Spring 2017 Courses

Please note that if you have not been exempt from the language requirement or are not registering for Elementary I, which is offered through Columbia's Department of Germanic Studies, you must take the placement exam. Should you have a conflict or need further information about the placement test, please contact Irene Motyl, imotyl@barnard.edu.
GERM UN1102.005 - Elementary German II
T/R - 6:10-8:00pm - T. Samartzi
GERM UN2225 - Accelerated Intermediate German I + II
M/T/W/R - 12:10-2:00pm - I. Motyl
GERM UN3002 - Advanced German II: Vienna
W - 4:10-6:00pm - I. Motyl
Intensive practice in oral and written German. Discussions, oral reports, and weekly written assignments, based on material of topical and stylistic variety taken from German press and from literary sources.
GERM BC3057 - Close-ups: German Literature and Photography
T/R - 4:10-6:00pm - E. Grimm
Discusses the profound influence of photography on modern literature and intellectual debates in the 20th century. Emphasis on creative and critical responses to documentary and aesthetic traditions of this visual medium. Foci are photographic evidence, montage, memory, sensationalism. Authors/Photographers: Benjamin, Rilke, Th. Mann, Tucholsky, Chr. Wolf, Sebald, Sander, Blossfeldt.