Spring 2016 Courses

Please note that if you have not been exempt from the language requirement or are not registering for Elementary I, which is offered through Columbia's Department of Germanic Studies, you must take the placement exam. Should you have a conflict or need further information about the placement test, please contact Irene Motyl, imotyl@barnard.edu.
GERM V 1202 - Intermediate German II
Sec.001 - T/R/F - 11:40-12:55 - Samartzi
GERM V1225 - Accelerated Intermediate German I-II
Sec. 001 - MTWR - 12:10-2:00 - Motyl
GERM V3002 - Advanced German II
Sec. 001 - T/R - 4:10-5:25 - Motyl
GERM BC3224 - German Traveling Cultures (ENGL)
Sec. 001 - T/R - 10:10-11:25 - Grimm 
This course will be taught in English. However, if students are interested, Professor Grimm will schedule an additional meeting time taught in German. This course is open to all German majors and minors.