Scholarships for Study Abroad in Vienna!

February 7, 2017

Vienna Stories: Filming Identities and Voices, May 12-19, 2017


The Barnard German Department is awarding $1000 scholarships to four Barnard students for a one-week faculty-led study-abroad project in Vienna, Vienna Stories, in May 12-19, 2017. 

Eligibility: The scholarship is intended for students who have completed at least two full years of German language instruction in the Barnard/Columbia German language program and are at the advanced proficiency level of German. They should have taken or be enrolled in UN 3002 (Advanced German II) and/or are part of the Ambassadors for German Program. Students should demonstrate a high level of dedication to German language and culture by having been enrolled in at least three language and/or culture/ literature classes taught in German at Barnard/Columbia and participating in extracurricular activities such as excursions, Barnard Deutsch-Club activities and Kaffeestunde and Kaffeeklatsch.

The scholarship amounts to $1000 per student. Students will be housed in double rooms in a centrally located hotel in Vienna, breakfast included. Students must make their own flight arrangements and set some money aside for meals, museums, and transportation. The additional expense to the student will be about $700-$900, depending on cost of flight.

Credit:  It is possible to obtain one independent study credit for this project.

Goal of the Vienna Stories Project: In conjunction with the existing course Advanced German II – Vienna Now and Then, students explore the use of digital technology for analyzing culture, language and identity in one of Europe’s most diverse cities, Vienna. During a one-week stay in Vienna, students will put their German-language, filming and digital technology skills to use and gather ethnographic material to produce a short German-language documentary film on identity, the notion of homeland, and stereotypes. Live encounters with native Viennese as well as recent migrants from Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, former Yugoslavia, and/or Syria in formal and informal settings and a field study project will serve as the main sources for the video. Eventually, a course website will be created to host final video projects for future reference. Student videos will thereby serve as authentic classroom material for German courses at Barnard and elsewhere.

Interviews will be conducted May 13-18 on location. A whole-day exploration of the Viennese coffee house culture and its role within Viennese society is scheduled for Thursday, May 18. Some mornings or afternoons will be devoted to sightseeing and museum visits.

This program will serve as a pilot for a 3-credit course, Vienna Stories, with a classroom segment at Barnard and an on-site segment in Vienna, planned for spring 2018. The course will run parallel to Vienna Now and Then and be limited to 8 students. It will fulfill the Thinking Digitally and Technologically requirement of Barnard’s new curriculum. This course will serve as a capstone experience in German.

Preliminary schedule:

Day 1: 5/13: Saturday

Arrival in Vienna!!!

Walking tour (Sigmund Freud Museum) Meeting with Assistant/Liaison from the University of Vienna Institute for German as a Foreign Language: Orientation

Day 2: 5/14: Sunday

Morning: First district sight-seeing:

St. Stephens Cathedral, Monument Tour,

Mozart House (Domgasse), Hofburg Palace, Ringstraße: Parliament, Burgtheater, Universität Wien.

Afternoon: Preparation of interview:

working on interview questions, preparing equipment, exploring the location of first interview

Day 3: 5/15: Monday

Morning: Sightseeing: Secession/Naschmarkt, Museums Quarter: Leopold Museum

Afternoon: Traveling to on-site location, meeting with first interviewee, filming of interview

Day 4: 5/16: Tuesday

Morning: Sightseeing: Secession, Museums Quarter, Leopold Museum

Afternoon:  Interview, traveling to on-site location, meeting with second interviewee, filming of interview

Day 5: 5/17: Wednesday

Morning: Interview: traveling to on-site location, meeting with third interviewee, filming of third interview

Afternoon: Sightseeing: State Opera Building, Museum of Fine Arts, Belvedere Museum.

Evening concert/musical or opera

Day 6: 5/18: Thursday

All day: Coffee House Culture project: Information, goal of project, (research and visit 3-4 Viennese coffee houses), find out about history, clientele, why are they here, offerings (drinks and food) and engage in a discourse with a guest, a waiter, etc. about what they value about this specific coffee house (possible interview).

Possible sightseeing: Schönbrunn Palace and Schönbrunn Gardens

Day 7: 5/19: Friday

Flight back to New York