Minor in German

The minor in German consists of five courses (minimum of 15 credits) beyond the second year of German.


Requirements: 5 courses


Minimum of 2 German advanced language courses, from the following:

  • GERM UN3001: Advanced German I
  • GERM UN3002: Advanced German II
  • GERM BC3010: Current Issues: Media & Politics in Germany & Austria
  • GERM BC3012: Telenovelas
  • GERM BC3022: Vienna Stories: Filming Identities & Voices


Minimum of 2 German literature courses, from the following:

  • GERM BC3028: Contemporary German Prose Fiction
  • GERM BC3050: German Migrant Literature
  • GERM BC3215: From Text to Screen: German Literature & Film
  • GERM BC3225: Germany’s Traveling Cultures
  • GERM BC3233: From Decadence to Dada
  • (or their equivalent, in consultation with a department advisor)