Fall 2016 Courses

Please note that if you have not been exempt from the language requirement or are not registering for Elementary I, which is offered through Columbia's Department of Germanic Studies, you must take the placement exam. Should you have a conflict or need further information about the placement test, please contact Irene Motyl, imotyl@barnard.edu.
T/R - 6:10-8:00pm - T. Samartzi
T/R/F - 1:10-2:25pm - I. Motyl
GERM BC1210 - Grammatik Aktiv
W - 4:10-6:00pm - I. Motyl
An intensive study of key features of German grammar, with an emphasis on skill-building exercises and practical solutions to common problems of writing and speaking on the intermediate level; aims at building confidence in using simple and more complex sentence structures.
GERM BC3010 - Current Issues: Media and Politics in Germany and Austria
T/R - 4:10-5:25pm - I. Motyl
Prerequisites: GERM V2102 or equivalent.
Advanced students improve language skills through exploration of political, cultural and intellectual debates and self perceptions in Germany and Austria. Discussion and analysis of print media, Internet, film and T.V.
GERM BC3050 - German Migrant Literature
T/R - 2:40-3:55pm - E. Grimm
Prerequisites: GERM V2102 and Sophomore standing or the equivalent or permission of the instructor.
Examination of migration and the nomadic experience in the 19th and 20th centuries. Emphasis on the comprehension and construction of the"other" culture by travelers and migrants in fictional texts; and on questions of orientalism, colonialism, and multiculturalism. Texts by Chamisso, Heine, Seghers, Th. Mann, Ören, Atabay, Deleuze, Said, and Sassen.
Columbia Courses - Fall 2016